The Infotainment Industry Seeks LBS Partners

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SiRF is collaborating with Intel and the Travel Channel is partnering with Tele Atlas. What do these two seemingly unrelated announcements have to do with each other? Infotainment

The marriage of location-based services, travel and entertainment is heating up and both the chip and entertainment industries are in overdrive vying for new and different in-vehicle experiences. Watch your dashboard become the next mobile entertainment center. The podcast is 13 minutes long (~ 4.7 Mb) and was recorded on August 20, 2007.

Show Notes

  • The Travel Channel Partners with Tele Atlas to Deliver Unique Programming Content to Digital Map Users Worldwide
  • SiRF and Intel Sign A Collaboration Agreement

    Intel White Papers Discuss LBS Technology

  • Location-Aware Computing: Creating Innovative and Profitable Applications and Services (2005)(pdf)
  • Explore New Worlds…Inside the Car (2006)(pdf)

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