The State of Geotargeted Messaging and other LBS News

Cruse says one of the next “big things” he thinks will start gaining more traction is geographical information systems, or “GIS”. Already in use in some places, GIS would allow a person with a smart phone to receive messages from businesses he or she is interested in, whenever that person is in close proximity to that business.

“Whenever you’re traveling past a business, for them to be able to send that information out regarding, say, a 25% off special that day. Some of those things are already being done now, but I think you’re going to start seeing more of that GIS targeting through mobile devices because these are what everybody is going to be using," says Cruse.

Nathan Cruse talks about the future of his company, VE Creative based in Owensboro, KY, which started out building websites and supporting social media for business. I found this an interesting take on the state of the industry from a fellow who started his company in 2007, his senior year of college.


Google now offers turn by turn directions for bikes on its new Android app.

Cyclists will be able to view turn-by-turn directions on a live updating map after selecting a destination and affixing their phone onto the handle bars, or they can simply listen to the spoken directions from the phone's speaker or via a connected headset.

I really don't expect to use this during my errand running in the city or on long rides in the 'burbs. I like to keep the phone in the jersey pocket, except when at a full stop.

- C|net and Google Lat Long Blog

According to figures out today from Nielsen, 95% of all mobile traffic for travel-related content comes from native mobile apps — specifically on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile web — and traffic on operating systems that are not Android and iOS, for that matter — accounts for only 5% of visits.

Number one on the hit parade? Google Maps as both app and Web, then Gas Buddy (app) and TripAdvisor (Web) in the two second spots.

- TechCrunch

Published Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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