Things Are Looking Up For the Job Market

By Richard Serby

"It looks like the jobs engine is finally starting to kick in and we're seeing a long-awaited turnaround," says Mason Jackson, executive director of Broward County WorkForce One, the state agency for unemployment and training.Florida gained 95,900 new jobs, the largest over-the-year gain in the country, according to state and national employment data.Other top states were Georgia with 72,100 new jobs, Nevada with 35,100 and Texas, 32,600.

Of course, we have to temper this good news with the fact that many jobs that have been outsourced overseas will never come back.This includes jobs in GIS, Photogrammetry, and Remote Sensing.The good news is that DoD jobs that require Secret or Top Secret clearances and secure facilities will stay here in the U.S.More of these jobs are being added daily.

If you have been feeling 'stuck' in your job or have been afraid to make a career move because of the poor economy now is the time to renew your thinking.You have reason to be much more optimistic in 2004.Take a fresh look at your resume and skill set.Is it time to upgrade your technical, management, or sales/marketing skills?

Published Thursday, December 11th, 2003

Written by Richard Serby

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