Three Gov Mobile Apps Contests - FCC, CDC, EDU


FCC - Apps for Communities:

Can a mobile app improve the quality of life for a farmer in America's heartland? Can a web app help school children in Detroit,MI? 

The Knight Foundation and the FCC challenge you to develop a software application (app) that delivers personalized, actionable information to people that are least likely to be online. Using hyper-local government and other public data you should develop an app that enables Americans to benefit from broadband communications -- regardless of geography, race, economic status, disability, residence on Tribal land, or degree of digital or English literacy --by providing easy access to relevant content.

 CDC - Using Technology to Fight the Flu:

Applications and technology make it easier to communicate critical information about the flu and its impact. We’re looking for an innovative use of technology to raise awareness of influenza and/or educate consumers on ways to prevent and treat the flu.

We're challenging you to create new ways to use technology, be it for:

the web

a personal computer

a mobile handheld device

any platform broadly accessible to the open Internet.

EDU - National Education Association Challenge:

How it works

Submissions will be accepted from April 4 – May 13, 2011.

A proposed solution must effectively incorporate smart phones or cell phones.

Portal registrants can also review, comment and vote.

In June, up to 5 solutions will be awarded $1,000 from the NEA Foundation.

The solutions selected will be shared by the NEA Foundation and CoSN via multiple outlets.

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Published Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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