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The City of Toronto’s long-awaited Wellbeing Toronto map site launched today (in beta), giving users the ability to map 140 officially-defined neighbourhoods by dozens of different data points, from arson to breast cancer screening to sports facilities. It's a much more user-friendly approach to open data than we've seen in Toronto (and elsewhere) up till now.

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In Lansing, MI GIS is the bad guy; it's tech told the city two fire stations should close and which ones.

The decision to close two stations came after a GIS mapping study. The idea is if you have to close two stations, shutting down numbers five and seven would have the least impact on coverage.


The Pottawattamie County Board (NE) amended its budget to put $200,000 the County Attorney’s Office and Geographic Information Systems and Information Technology. The funding is in support of response to the current flooding.

“Once the river crests, a pictometry flight will give us elevations of the flood,” Supervisor Melvyn Houser said.


Published Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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