TomTom Puts Foursquare in its App and other LBS News

TomTom's navigation app for iPhone and iPad receives a small refresh with today's version 1.11 bump. The new update brings with it the most recent TomTom map data, new methods for choosing destinations and modifying routes, and Foursquare integration that further fleshes out the apps social networking feature set.

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"MarcoPoloLoco is a location-based messaging app," explained President Joe Roets, "that lets you send a message (a "Marco") to anyone currently at a specified location. It also lets you send a Marco to anyone at that location in the future, or anyone who has been to that location in the past."

Yep, we needed that. The unique feature, per the company, is that individuals' location information is not shared. I don't expect a hit here; another SoLoMo also ran. I'm guessing they could not get the MarcoPolo name.

- press release is an insurance comany in the UK. It's known to me as a company that does marketing by commissioning travel related surveys. It's got a new way to market: an LBS app.  The app is a promotional tool that monitors driving behavior using GPS on your smartphone. 

Each journey is marked out of five based on the user’s anticipation of the road, braking, acceleration and driving at an appropriate speed. Once the user has driven 250 miles they are given an overall score out of 100.

For those of us that don’t use the car to commute every day it may take a while to clock up 250 miles, so has incentivised users with rewards when they achieve certain distances.

After 20 miles users are given an in-car cradle and phone charger, and if they complete 250 miles they are given £25 cash plus a further £25 off if they buy an insurance policy form

This doesn't match what happens in the U.S. I get a discount if I drive less: I'm less likely to get into an accident if the car is in the driveway! I suspect apps that help you drive more efficiently, that is save gas and thus save money would be more motivating. And, I'd like apps that penalize you for short trips; better to find another mode of transport like the bus or bike.

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Published Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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