TomTom Tidbits

Sony offers nav devices with TomTom tech for the first time.

- Electronista

TomTom CTO Mark Gretton said that the GO-1000 will support custom/3D party POIs next year. The feature was left out at launch.

- PocketGPS World

At the Paris Motor Show, TomTom and Renault today revealed their first fully connected in-dash navigation system, the Carminat TomTom LIVE.

- GPS Business News

TomTom documented the most congested 25 areas in London.

The 12 worst roads for jams in the 25-strong TomTom list all suffer congestion for at least 84 hours a week - or 12 hours a day - while drivers using the next 13 most-congested routes on the list have to contend with between 81 and 83 hours of jams a week, on average. The figures are based on an analysis of congestion across all roads in the UK by TomTom traffic experts over the last two years.  The company issued its worst-jams list as it published a traffic manifesto in a bid to reduce congestion.

- Press Association

IT Pro Portal comments on the worldwide manifesto:

To some it might look like a marketing gimmick to promote the new product, but going through the Traffic Manifesto gives a clear impression that Tom Tom is out to not only curb traffic, but to also prevent the adverse impact traffic has on lives of individuals and economy as a whole.

Published Friday, October 1st, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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