Too Much News

By Adena Schutzberg

Let's face it, there's so much news in the geospatial industry that it leaves our heads spinning.There are new companies forming and new technologies appearing and at the same time existing companies are exploring new areas, and favorite products are getting face lifts.Then there are legal battles and new mapping portals and new contracts...

We thought long and hard about how to best deliver timely, important news in an orderly way, along with commentary to make it relevant to your day to day work.We also wanted to include some of the important features and topics I've covered during the past few years in GIS Monitor.The result is a realignment of Directions' newsletters.

So, here's what you can expect from Directions' newsletters beginning this week.Monday's newsletter, Directions on the Workplace addresses the business world and careers.There'll be original content on what companies in the industry (and related ones) are up to, advice on careers, career listings and of course, a bit of news.While the Directions Magazine website hosts perhaps the most complete set of business news (that is, press releases) we'll pull out just the "need to know" headlines.

Wednesday's Directions on Technology will host editorial commentary (from me and the other editors, from time to time) on the state of the industry as well as the pieces you've come to expect from Directions contributing writers.There'll also be highlights from our new All Points Blog and some lighter fare in a feature called "Off the Beaten Path." That's one I'd like to ask readers to help populate.This is where we want to highlight the unusual uses of maps or location technologies.If you run into something that qualifies, drop me an e-mail.

Friday's Directions on the News is a weekly wrap up of significant happenings around the industry.It'll be my task, along with the other editors, to explain and comment on what's going on to help provide context.Hopefully, tying up some of the chaos on Friday will make Mondays easier for everyone.New products and upcoming events will be covered on Friday, as well.

We are hopeful this "plan of attack" will work for readers, old and new.Please have a look at the newsletters in the coming weeks and let us know if we've succeed.

Published Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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