Top 5 Location Technology Videos for Fall 2012

By Joe Francica

1. Ed Parsons at Google PinPoint London 2012 - Google Maps Business

Ed Parsons' keynote session at Google PinPoint London 2012. Ed's fascinating views on using location data for business: past, present and future.

2. GIS in Action: King County, WA GIS Impact (ROI) Study - Part 1 - GovLoop

King County's Greg Babinski speaks about the county's GIS ROI Study.

3. Springsteen in the USA: 40 Years of Touring as a Study in Spatial Diffusion - Timoney Group

Animated heat map of Bruce Springsteen touring locations from 1973-2012. The heat effect is generated by a) the location of the show, b) the size of the venue, and c) the overall population within 40km of the show location (e.g. a single arena show in Omaha, NE generates more "heat" than a single arena show in New York City). An interactive Google Map of this content is available at and was created by Daniel Trone.

4. The Biggest Developments in GeoInt in 2012 - with Admiral Robert Murrett

With one of the most distinguished careers in the geospatial intelligence arena, including Director of NGA, Director of Naval Intelligence, Vice-Director for Intelligence of the Joint Staff and now a professor at the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism and on the faculty of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in New York, Bob Murrett is very much at the forefront of geo and multi-int.

5. Brazil Oceans - NASA DEVELOP Summer 2012 @ Langley Research Center

The newly launched Aquarius sensor, on board the SAC-D satellite, measures the salinity of ocean surfaces. Currently, nearshore coastline data from Aquarius is not accounted for due to land surface interruptions. The Langley DEVELOP team's task is to create a method for testing how close to the coastline Aquarius observations can be made effective through an analysis of the Amazon River Delta's low salinity plume.

Published Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

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