Tracking Hurricane Gustav

By Joe Francica

A variety of sources have live coverage of hurricane Gustav.

Stormpulse has an excellent mashup of Gustav's track. Make sure that if you use Stormpulse that you click on the predictive storm tracks in the upper right corner legend.

Since the possible damage to New Orleans is due to failing levees, see the maps that the Washington Post produced during the news coverage of Katrina.

See wind and storm paths provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Brian Timoney of The Timoney Group sent us a mashup he put together for his clients called "Gulf Impact"
He states..."We were getting the updated location feed from and generating updated statistics (using PostGIS) on the fly of which assets were most at risk. The Gulf has comprehensive (if not always up-to-date) info from the Minerals Management Agency so we could cook up some relevant analysis in a fairly straightforward manner. That we used Virtual Earth instead of Google stuff was purely a marketingchoice as we have plenty of Google stuff in the portfolio. As for the Flash ticker, maybe not my best impulse, but I'm convinced that 45% of people who visit the site will not interact with the map or tabs in any fashion--so we have to make it an info-rich experience for them."

Published Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Written by Joe Francica

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