Yahoo Updates Koprol and other LBS News

Yahoo has made some changes and is looking for $$$ from Koprol, the Indonesia-based location-based social network it acquired last year. (APB coverage).

Today, the local location-based social network Koprol rolls out their new revamped version of the site but it’s currently not available as your default look. In order to see the #newkoprol, you’d have to go to and use it there. The Yahoo company also start using promoted hashtags as a way to make money where advertisers can promote their content inside the service.

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Is it me or are we beginning to scratch the bottom of the barrel for LBS apps? Case in point Windows Phone app Travelnapp. You set it to wake you up when you reach a certain location. It uses GPS, so per the article, it works underground. I'm skeptical of that claim. I'm all for student developed apps (James Mundy, a Physics student at Sheffield University build it) but this seems to me to have a limited audience.


Signapore's AppVenture Challenge was organised by the Mobile Alliance and supported by the Infocomm Development Authority. The Challenge was created to support the growing need for world-class developers in Singapore and serves to develop talent within the community, by providing a platform for any individuals or groups interested to hone their skills at mobile apps development. As part of the AppVenture Challenge, an award was created to recognise the Best Application developed using Government Data. 

                                 A. Company Category

First Place - ShowNearby
Second Place - WeatherLah
Third Place - Show Timezz
Best Government App : ShowNearby
B. Individual/Student Category

First Place - Parks "Live"
Second Place - Sg Parking
Third Place - mHealth
Best Government App : BeAMinister

ShowNearby is a mapping application that combines data from the government and other sources. ShowNearby provides users with points-of-interest information, telling them the locations of the nearest amenities and places of interest from their current location. Users can more than 20 amenities and places of interest such as restaurants, bus interchanges and dental clinics. 

Parks “Live” allows park visitors to explore Singapore’s Pasir Ris Park using augmented reality. The augmented reality function provides park visitors with exact directions and distances to park attractions and amenities such as restrooms, shelters and barbecue pits.

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Published Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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