U.S. Forest Service Looking for “iTunes”-like Solution to Sell its Maps

The U.S. Forest Service put out a bid last week for resellers to enhance and re-sell its digital mapping products including maps, atlases and apps. While paper maps sell some 250,000 copies per year, sales of digital products from the Service's website have been meager. That's why the plan is to engage a reseller who can sell existing products and provide value-added versions. The only government requirement regading pricing is that the Service at least break even on each products. The plan is to offer 18 forest maps and six atlases in the coming years.

The solicitation is titled Sale of Digital Maps thru e-Commerce Website and is described this way:

Sales of Digital Maps, Interactive Maps and Mapping Applications through Existing e-Commerce Websites.
The details:

1. FS seeks to replicate that model for its already developed digital maps by contracting with multiple vendors to sell its digital maps to the public.

2. In addition to offering the FS-developed digital maps, FS is seeking vendors that have existing mapping applications which will enhance the digital maps with value-added services to create interactive digital maps to be sold via the offerors' e-commerce web sites/online storefronts.

Offerors can respond to one or both of the requirements.

Image Courtesy US Forest Service

Published Monday, February 18th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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