UAV’s Fill the Skies: So Much Data, So Few Ways to Analyze It

At the Intergraph 2010 conference, the defense and intelligence group was demonstrating their Motion Video Analyst (MVA) solutions to help manage data from the growing usage of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in support of the warfighting efforts in the Middle East.

As a consequence of too much data, the need for analysts is likewise increasing.  Algorithms are being developed for pattern recognition but the data will be useful only so long as the data is handled correctly said Rob Mott of Intergraph. In addition, the establishment of persistent surveillance by UAVs is likely resulting in even greater volumes of data.

Data volumes of video are so massive they are now being described in terms of "Yottabytes."

Intergraph has brought to market Motion Video Exploitation, a combination of several technology convergences: Integrated flight plans; real time video enhancements; ground target indicators; geospatially referenced video, storage and search.

And even the gaming industry is being tapped for innovation. Intergraph is adopting an Xbox controller to be integrated into the MVA button assignments in hopes of helping the analysts to be more effective. The company believes it alone can take multiple video feeds and integrate them into a 2D mapping environment.

Published Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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