University of Missouri - Rolla and USGS Form Internet Technology Alliance

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September 1, 2005
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The University of Missouri - Rolla and the newly created National Geospatial Technical Operations Center III, part of the U.S.Geological Survey office in Rolla, have formed an internet technology alliance to benefit both organizations as well as increasing communications capability and capacity to USGS customers and the public.

The agreement to boost the NGTOC capacity calls for UMR's Computer Center to become a redundant site for hosting USGS data.This means that when the NGTOC systems are being overtaxed with data requests and other computing requirements, the UMR system will provide an overflow capability to keep USGS data available over the internet.
Brian W.Buege, UMR's Director of Networking & Computer Systems, Randy M.Tucker, UMR's Chief Information Officer, Kari Craun, USGS NGTOC Chief, and Kevin Wood, USGS Chief of Technology Research Section, recognize an alliance that will allow USGS Internet 2 capabilities, increasing the delivery of digital maps nationwide.(Photo: Josh Hester, Rolla Daily News)

"The UMR Information Technology organization is very pleased to be part of boosting the capacity of the NGTOC through this strategic partnership," said Randy Tucker, Chief Information Officer at UMR."This is truly a win-win relationship that has great potential to benefit the region and the state of Missouri in terms of research capacity."

Another part of the arrangement will allow the USGS to connect to the Internet 2 through the UMR information technology structure.The Internet 2 is a newer, much faster version of the Internet that is only available to Universities, research agencies and other organizations that need the speed and capabilities that Internet 2 provides.

"The increased bandwidth and redundancy provided by this partnership will significantly enhance the USGS' ability to provide data efficiently over the internet," said Kari Craun, Chief of the Rolla NGTOC III ."This is extremely important to us now that much of our digital data distribution is done using this technology."

Related to this agreement, UMR is currently investigating the opportunity to increase their bandwidth to Fort Leonard Wood.Positive discussions with officials at FLW have included linking labs, classrooms and libraries to the UMR network.That connection would also give the USGS an opportunity to expand their role at FLW and possibly use each others for redundant data storage.

"Our alliance with UMR will provide USGS with many opportunities in the research field, collaborative work with other Federal and State agencies, even with other members of the Science community, and provide better support for Emergency organizations," said Kevin Wood, Chief of the Rolla NGTOC Technology Resource Section."In addition, USGS has been trying to find ways to work more closely with Fort Leonard Wood.Now, with UMR, we will have the network infrastructure to provide them the data and support they need."

This agreement is one of a number of new partnerships with UMR that are in the process of being finalized.The USGS has traditionally employed UMR students to perform many computer related tasks and currently has 31 students employed at the Rolla Center.This partnership is a natural extension of that connection.

"USGS does a wonderful job here in Rolla, and this partnership with UMR will serve a vital function for the agency," said Rep.Jo Ann Emerson in a prepared statement presented by her District Director Darren Lingle.Emerson had planned to attend the event, but had a scheduling conflict."As we constantly explore ways to expand the role of USGS in Missouri, it is good ideas that use the many resources of our community that result in the best successes," Emerson said."I congratulate both USGS and UMR for their cooperation to use the Internet 2 for faster data access, and I will look forward to future efforts.Rolla's public support for the USGS facility and its employees demonstrates the strong relationship at work here."

Published Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Written by Rolla Daily News

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