UNL Team Takes Prize in Smarter Planet Challenge and other Education GIS News

Five University of Nebraska-Lincoln students for a fifth-place finish in an international technology competition. The team included geography majors and electrical engineers.

In the 2012 Smarter Planet Challenge, an international competition for college/university teams to create technology solutions, the team’s goal was to find a place in New Hampshire through a geographic information systems (GIS) analysis suitable for a wind farm and able to provide electricity to a nearby city with minimal cost and damage to the environment.

The project evolved from a team member's project but was tweaked to fit competition rules. The team splits $1000.

- Daily Nebraska

The University of Missouri's flagship campus in Columbia on Friday announced a $2.5 million expansion of its online degree programs, including master's degrees in public health and public affairs and a bachelor's degree in educational studies. ...

Sixteen new online areas of study will be created, including graduate programs that provide certificates in geospatial intelligence, energy efficiency and nonprofit management. The expansion includes 25 new undergraduate online classes; more undergraduate degree programs that will be available online; and adding a dozen more online graduate programs that will offer either degrees or certificates to nearly 80.

- Examiner

The National Science Foundation's Advanced Technical Education Program recently awarded $899,870 to a consortium of colleges and organizations, including Thomas Nelson Community College, to train geospacial technicians.

The Expanding Geospatial Technician Education Through Virginia's Community Colleges, or GeoTEd project is a three-year effort to create academic programs and train faculty in the use of geospatial technologies.

The project will establish academic pathways — such as geographic information systems, global positioning systems, and remote sensing — at partnering community colleges.

- Daily Press

Published Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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