Update: Folks “Reveal Existance” of Skyhook Wireless Wi-Fi Database

Update 3/29: Computerwold has a response to the concern from Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan who basically says, we don’t take much information and we don’t sell or share it. They have a good reason to hold it close: with that data others could easily do what they do! The article does note that if Skyhook is sold all bets are off. Do I think Skyhook will be sold eventually? Yes, yes I do!

—original message from 3/21/07—

Folks at Slashdot are getting uptight about an Internet Patrol article “revealing” Skyhook’s database of personal (and other) wi-fi hotpots used to locate machines using Skyhook’s technology.

Hang on! Skyhook has been talking about this openly since it launched. It does not hide how its non-GPS system works. In fact, Ted Morgan was happy to speak to us about the company’s mapping plans when he gave us the story on Skyhook’s partnership with SiRF. The company boasts (rightly so) about the database in press releases! Consider this title: Skyhook Wireless Wi-Fi Database Now Includes Coverage In Top 100 U.S. Cities, Totaling More Than 8 Million Access Points.

This story popped this week because AOL added Skyhook’s technology to AIM, as reported here earlier in the week.

Published Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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