Update: Mapping the Olympics: From 3D to Super G


The New York Times - In my opinion, the Times has the best overall usage of maps and 3D graphics of the Olympic venues:

  • The video of the Men’s Downhill venue at Whistler captures the essence of the terrain based on data from Intermap and Terrametrics.
  • A 3D perspective model of Vancouver allows the viewer to zoom to any of the Olympic venues but is especially good for interactively viewing the alpine event locations.

The Boston Globe - The Globe provides a graduated symbol map of the number of medals won by country from 1924 until the 2010 games. Using a slider bar on a time scale to advance the dates between Winter Olympics a viewer can see the progression of each country’s success.

NBC TV - Perhaps the most disappointing website covering the Olympics as I could find no maps of any sort. And because NBC is broadcasting the games, I expected much more.

Vancouver.com- static 3D buildings and extruded models without the nice facades as you would see in Bing Maps. Too basic.

Vancouver "deToured" - activist website, "critical of official representations of Vancouver," is trying to show the city in a different light. What’s interesting about this website is that the user gets the choice of whether they want to see the background information from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. Is that akin to "conservative" vs. "liberal," "Nixon Administration" vs. "Woodstock?" Not sure why you would offer two views but a nice feature nonetheless.

*Google - not to be outdone by the media, Google takes StreetView to a new level by letting the viewer take a run down the slopes. Several venues are mapped.

Published Friday, February 26th, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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