Update 2: “Neogeography” Deleted from Wikipedia

Neogeography is now back in Wikipedia. Of note is a discussion about the definition that begins: "There is currently much debate about the scope and application of Neogeography in the web mapping, geography, and GIS fields." It's re-entry into Wikipedia went un-noticed by me. Latest edits are Feb 27, 2011. 

--- update 12/2/2010 ----

Gary Gale looks back at the definition on Wikipedia in a post to try to find clarity. He concludes, helpfully: " It’s all just “geo” really." Sadly Andrew Turner points out in comment to Gary's earlier post on the removal: "Never fear – there is a deep discussion occurring that will be published soon in some Journals. This should give the clarity and credibility it needs."

--- original post 10/25/10 ---

See for yourself here. Happened back in September. Paleogeography is still there, but has its "original" definition, not the one that's the antonym of neogeography.

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Published Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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