Update: Nuviphone, Dominos in Geo News

Yes, I made fun of the patent Domino’s applied for that covered a red horizontal bar on a website that ideally let its customers track their pizza from order, to oven, to box to the front door. I noted at the time no geo was involved. Now the folks at TechDirt detail how the whole process may be a sham - of sorts. Tim McIntyre, the vice president of communications at Domino’s admits that delivery is assumed to be 10 minutes after pizza leave the store.

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Garmin has, as some expected, launched its first phone, which focuses on navigation. It’s called the nuviphone. Garmin doesn’t yet have any information on its website, but there’s plenty of coverage elsewhere, including at Engadget and the Kansas City Star.

Also, word from Dominos you can now track your pizza order to your door - at least from 3,200 outlets. But, it’s really a “what step is it at” tracking, there’s no geo involved. From the PR:

Once customers place an order, they can go to http://www.dominos.com and click on the Pizza Tracker icon. They will see a horizontal bar that lights up red as each step in the process is completed. Customers will see confirmation of their order being received by the store; when it’s being prepared; when it’s been placed in the oven; when it’s been boxed and placed in the Domino’s HeatWave(TM) bag; and finally, when it’s on its way for delivery.

Still, Dominos has applied for a patent on the technology.

Published Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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