Updated Super Social Waze and other LBS News

Waze is launching version 3.5 of its iPhone and Android apps today, which add the ability to share trips with friends, track when friends are reaching your destination, and send pick up requests to friends (even if they aren’t using Waze). The new features are an obvious extension of Waze’s initial goals to make driving more social, and they also make the app more useful to drivers who didn’t have a need for Waze’s original crowdsourced navigation feature. It’s also yet another way for Waze to prove its worth after Apple released its own GPS navigation feature in iOS 6′s Maps app.

The company did a survey and found quite a few people pick up friends, kids and others and thus decided to offer a "share a map with person you are picking up to show when you'll get there" and a "requst a pickup" feature.


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MapQuest has updated its app with support for the iPhone 5, traffic based routes, and helpful hints. My favorite addition: hints as to where the next turn is, such as "it's after Lowell St" or "Denny's is on the corner."

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Nokia Conversations offers and FAQ about Maps on Windows 8. You know no real person would ask these questions ("What does it mean that the Nokia Location Platform is powering the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem?"), but it does help position the offering.

Nokia Coverations

And, from the "we don't need it" department comes news that sports tracking website Endomondo (we talked about it on a podcast a while back) has teamed up with Powerade (Coca-Cola) to help users hydrate. That's all well and good but the most recent research (Tim Noakes new book) says it's really easy to hydrate: drink when you are thirsty.

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Published Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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