Urban Airship Announces “Segments”

The company acquired SimpleGeo last fall (APB coverage). And, at the Where Conference this week, provided an update:

Urban Airship Segments builds off of what we already know, having served up more than 17 billion push messages for 60,000 apps each of which know something about its users’ interests and preferences. Now add to that the ability to know an individual’s location and context, not just where they are right now but where they are over time, with the ability to easily build on that with everything else you know about the user, and you end up with a powerful combination of insight that enables you to be much more targeted and precise in your app engagement strategies.

  • A sports media company can send an offer to receive commentary from the Phillies dugoutto users tagged ‘team:Phillies’ attending a Phillies/Red Sox game located in ‘Fenway Park’.
  • A movie theater chain can send a ‘Hunger Games tickets go on sale in 12 hours’ message to users tagged ‘customer:ClubCardHolder’ and ‘preference:OpeningNight’, rolling out delivery based on users’ time zones.
  • A news and entertainment company can offer a Guide to NYC Nightlife to users tagged‘hometown:seattle’ and ‘device:ipad’ who are currently located in Lower Manhattan.

The company also partnered with Meridian for indoor locating and targeting.

- Urban Airship Blog

- press release (targeting), press release (Meridian)

Published Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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