Urban Airship Releases New Geotargeting Service and other LBS News

...Urban Airship is today unveiling its new Location Messaging Service, which will add another layer of information for the company’s push platform to target.
It’s a particularly enticing play for marketers, since it means they’ll have access to current locations and location histories from consumers. And for the consumer, the Location Messaging Service will make push alerts even more relevant — for example, you could see deals from sports venues while they’re attending a game, or receive targeted alerts when they’re near a favorite retailer.
The is the result of integrating SImpleGeo, which the company acquired last year.
A new app called “App Map” for iOS gives you a glimpse into what apps are the most popular and where. For example, you can take a peek at a map and see the most active apps from others who have installed App Map.
I consider this a solution in search of a problem...but that's just me.
Cisco announced last week the acquisition of location analytics start-up ThinkSmart Technologies based out of Cork, Ireland. Created in 2008, ThinkSmart Technologies, is a software company that delivers location data analysis using Wi-Fi technology. 

Published Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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