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The work of actually mapping the state [of Alaska] will conclude this year, and after quality checks are conducted, the final product could be in production by 2013.
In addition to the remapping effort, the USGS is completing a project to release every map they have ever made in the same Geo PDF Format. DeMulder says this feature has quickly become very popular with the public, and has broad applications for a variety of uses.
So far 160,000 historic maps have been made available, and with 20,000 left to digitize and correct for scale, all existing historic maps of Alaska will be available online for free by September.
I'm curious how popular the geoPDFs are with readers. Have you downloaded one for work? For leisure? 
For businesses and citizens who work with GIS (Geographic Information System) applications, there is a new reason to check out the City's [Rockville, MD] website. The City has recently added GIS data downloads to the website for use by the public. 
Three out of five Douglas County [NE] voters will be more than a half mile from their polling place under Election Commissioner Dave Phipps' sweeping overhaul of voting districts.

In the past it was two out of five. The Omaha World Herald make a thematic map (Google Fusion Table I think) to show that. One commenter noted that at .7 mile away he'd have to take out the car.


Published Friday, April 20th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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