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Tiramisu Transit LLC, the Carnegie Mellon University spinoff company that uses crowdsourcing and GPS technology to track Port Authority of Allegheny County and CMU transit trips, has received $102,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The grant, which comes from the department's Federal Transit Administration and its Research and Innovative Technology Administration, will go toward researching sustainable business models to bring the technology to the commercial market.

The crowdsourcing bit includes sharing GPS traces, info on how many seats are available on busses and more.

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It's time for BeeWatch, a crowdsourcing effort in the UK to map bees. The app is based on photos and the users use of a tool to identify the bee in question. Then there's the best part.

Upon submitting the identification, a bumblebee expert will respond to the submitter with feedback regarding the accuracy of the identification.

There is a lot of interest in seeing how far naturally visiting bees and those formally re-introduced will spread across the country.

- The Guardian

The Police of Finland - Poliisi - wants to make neighborhoods safer by engaging the citizens of Finland in a mobile and online social conversation. Poliisi will be testing beta app Grafetee as a public safety tool in the following months, and engage with non-mobile users via Grafetee-supported interactive map on

Already widely adopted in Finland, Grafetee allows users to update their status with images and text, and to alert the police in real time about things happening in their area, without having to actually make a call. With just a tap, citizens of Finland will be able to report a crime or a dangerous situation, or inform officials of any situation needing immediate attention. Likewise, the police can alert citizens and request support as needed.

The police will actively monitor both Grafetee app, and the online interactive map, responding to citizens’ feedback. In case of emergencies, local users should still call 112 - the Finnish police emergency number.

What does it mean when police only actively monitor one social network?

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Published Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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