Update: USGS CLICK (LiDAR Forum) Shuts Down Oct 1

Today, word there is funding until year's end:

We are pleased to announce that we have secured funding to keep CLICK up and running until January 1, 2012. At that point in time we hope to have an approved comprehensive plan to maintain and improve upon this kind of lidar coordination, information and data provision as a fully operational program.

We thank you all for your concern and support, and hope we can keep providing these services well into the future.

The CLICK team 


--- original post 9/28/11 ---


the USGS Center for LIDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge (CLICK). Our goal is to help facilitate understanding, coordination, data access, communication and knowledge concerning lidar data for scientific needs. We hope you can use the tools we have provided to the fullest to help create information out of lidar data. We encourage you to register to keep abreast of new information posted here! Registering will allow you to post topics and replies, as well as subscribe to a forum to get emailed updates.

Jason Stoker CLICK Director posted in the forum today about the upcoming shutdown:
On October 1st 2011, CLICK will be ceasing all of our operations except for off-line archiving of lidar point cloud data provided to us. All other functions of CLICK- the bulletin board, data viewer and download, links to other web sites and presentations, and our Twitter feed will be shut down. There will be limited access to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) email for the time being. We are doing this in order to guarantee that in our limited funding environment all lidar point cloud data that we have been entrusted with does not disappear, but is at least kept on life support until hopefully a new lidar program can take over what we started five years ago.
It has been a great ride getting this project up and running. What started out as a way for scientists to get 3-D information into their research exploded into something much more over the years. Ironically, much more than anyone (other than us at CLICK) expected. I hope we were able to provide a mechanism to get many of you connected and educated, and provide a way for people to get lidar data that made a difference for something other than the original collected intent. We aren't sure what our future holds, but we know that lidar technology in all its forms has enough momentum that it will succeed even without CLICK's help.
We wanted to give you a few days notice, just in case anyone wanted to grab any data and/or information from the site before we are forced to shut it off. Who knows, this may not be good-bye but see you soon. I hope it is just see you soon. Either way, it has been fun.
All the best,
The staff of CLICK 

Published Friday, September 30th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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