USGS Trialling OSM Software Stack for Editing

Back in July Eric Wolf at USGS shared a bit about a trial of OpenStreetMap's software stack and editing environment on some state geodata. He asked for some help on the OSM mailing list. This week Wolf was on This Week in Maps (podcast page, about minutes 28:00-32:30) telling more of the story (now that USGS has said that's ok). What they did:

- Set up OSM software on their own server

- Loaded street data from State of Kansas GIO

- USGS staffers edited it to FGDC best practices for road data

- Kansas data is not great, usually get it from counties, wanted to see how we could update state data to that level

- Locals in Kansas did some editing too

- Proof of concept for data collection/editing

- This is the fourth attempt to engage citizens in map data collection/editing (ranging from Map Corps, to ArcIMS, etc.)

- Big question with these efforts: how to merge non-authoritative data with USGS authoritative data in cost effective way

Published Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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