VGI (Crowdsourced GIS) Tidbits - 6/2/11

Authorities in North Carolina are warning hikers and others in the state parks to keep an eye out for marijuana plants.

Foresters say if someone encounters a suspected marijuana field, they should try to note a landmark or GPS coordinate and leave immediately, then notify authorities from a safe place.

- AP in The Republic

To help save the 6,813 known species of amphibians (and those that haven't been identified by science yet), the Web site this week launched what it has dubbed the Global Amphibian Blitz, a citizen science–social networking drive to gather information on amphibians around the world.

Participants are being asked to take photos of frogs they encounter and then upload them to the iNaturalist site with GPS information on where the photos were taken. 

- Scientific American Blog

Tiffany, the jeweler, offer a website/app ( on all things romantic including a user generated map of romantic places.

Love is Everywhere Here users will add their own sentiments. After placing a heart at the desired point on a map and adding their initials, an overlay allows them to convey a story, send a note or perhaps suggest a favorite rendezvous. These hearts may be shared on Facebook® or Twitter® (#whatmakeslovetrue).

- press release

Published Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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