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Now the Washington State Department of Agriculture offers tools on its website that make crop location information more accessible to farmers, agencies, ag groups and the public.

Perry Beale, senior crop mapping specialist, is the main developer of the WSDA's website tool.

"You can use the map to get a visual picture and download the data behind the map such as the section level data, county data and statewide data," he said. "Having the information available can help the producer manage his workload and know surface and groundwater issues."

It uses ArcGIS Explorer and one map has this intro/disclaimer:

ArcGIS Explorer Online is a rich client for using, creating and sharing ArcGIS maps online. ArcGIS Explorer Online requires Microsoft Silverlight and includes:
Support for reading and writing ArcGIS maps that can be used with ArcGIS.com, ArcGIS for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and ArcGIS Desktop.
Support for marking up your map with features and editing feature services.
Support for creating and executing pre-defined and parameterized queries.
The ability to include a presentation in your map and share it with others.
And much more...
NOTE:  This application will not work with Apple operating systems or iPhones. It requires Internet Explorer 6+ or Chrome 12+ or Firefox 3.6+ and requires installing the Microsoft Silverlight library on your computer. 
We at Ourcoumminities.org are dedicated to informing Massachusetts about what it means to invest in our communities and what could happen if we don't.
So, it offers  slick map of how much aid cities and towns are losing. And, local papers are writing about it. BUT, the map is not embeddable, so as much as Braintree Patch and others write about it, they can't embed it in their coverage. I encourage Ourcommunities.org to et on the embeddable band wagon!
Here's another important map story on migration (by KPCC) where the map is not embeddable!! 
- via KPCC

Published Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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