WaveMarket Looks to Connect Parents and Kids by Expanding LBS Technology to Social Networking Market

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"Security created the mobile industry," says Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of WaveMarket. "This is the reason you get your kid a phone." In this interview with Directions Media's Editor-in-chief Joe Francica, Roumeliotis describes how his company is looking to connect parents with kids and help create the next big wave in mobile location services by offering products that support social networking. Roumeliotis draws clear distinctions between the applications for "friend finder" and "family finder" which pose certain barriers with respect to personal security.

Roumeliotis says that 72% of interaction between parents and kids is about "where are you." WaveMarket wants to capitalize on what Roumeliotis calls a "location communicative application between parents and kids" and he believes that this sector of the LBS market is bigger than navigation in the long run. WaveMarket has also announced an agreement with the Amber Foundation that looks to support nationwide alerts across all carriers about missing children. (Listen now)

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