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The wants you to share data from your weather station. is a crowdsourcing project to collect information about the weather worldwide. Everybody owning a weather station is free to contribute and the results are licensed under Creative Commons By-Attribution Share-Alike 2.0

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Is it time for map-based crowdfunding?

Cielex, an equity-based crowdfunding portal, today announced the launch of its site. Using a map-based user interface, Cielex seamlessly connects entrepreneurs with investors, all on a transparent and secure platform.

A crowdsourcing effort to look at satellite images to serach for lost climbers came up short when the pair were found dead over the weekend.
Tomnod was started by four friends who were looking for Genghis Khan's tomb in Mongolia. By putting satellite images on the Internet and allowing people to look through photos and tag signs of the missing tomb, Tomnod -- which means "big eye" in Mongolian -- was able to process thousands of images and map out the area.
The founders, ciimbers themselves, put their experience to work trying to locate Gil Weiss, of Boulder, and Ben Horne, of San Diego, who were reported missing in Peru. Sadly, the work done by volunteers had identified an area near where they were found as a potential spot to look.

Published Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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