Update: What Nokia Announced on Tuesday

And, just a week after the announcement the HERE app is available for iOS. But reviews are mixed.

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If you don't want to dig through the press releases, here's what Nokia announced mapwise yesterday at an event in San Francisco.

  • Here.com is a mapping site along the lines of Google Maps;
  • A free Here app for iOS should show up in the App Store in a couple of weeks, Apple willing (it doesn”t have turn-by-turn driving directions, at least for now);
  • A Here SDK for Android will let companies which partner with Nokia embed its maps;
  • Nokia is working with Mozilla to build mapping and location features into the Firefox OS mobile software;
  • It’s buying a company called Earthmine which uses roving camera-equipped trucks to capture Google StreetView-like photography;
  • It’s also creating 3D maps of the real world which it’s using, at first, in City Lens, an app for its Lumia phones which lets you point the phone’s camera at the world around you and see an augmented-reality information overlay.

My Take:

Here.com? I guess it's a nice pairing to Where.com (the renaming of a Boston-based LBS company now owned by e-Bay). I guess it's better than most peple not knowing that Nokia does mapping or the confusion I've been having with NAVTEQ/Nokia Maps of late. it is odd however that here.com resolves to here.net.

Here app for iOS. That's a no brainer, but it'll be interesting to see if Apple oks it and/or the Google Maps app.

Android SDK is again a no-brainer. The vision, per McCracken in the piece cited above, is that putting Here on many phones will help collect crowdsourced information to build a better set of maps/data/eye balls for advertising.

The Mozilla/Firefox relationship is a nice idea, but it's not clear to me all the efforts of Mozilla in location have paid off thus far.

The earthmine acquisition was a good one; that company was ripe for the picking. What's getting overlooked in many cases is the accuracy of the data that company captures. (see mycoverage from Esri UC 2010)

The plunge into AR is required and frankly, starting on one device line is a smart way to test to waters and do a pilot.


Published Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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