Why is County Mapping Data Six Years Behind and other Government GIS News

Saline County [MO] Assessor Margaret Pond said the assessor's office is six years behind on its mapping. E911 Director Stacie Smith and GIS Technician Brandon Wolfe provided a plan to unclog and update the system. Smith estimates the county will pay $11,632.50 for the system clean up. The county may incur other costs for maintenance and training.

What's interesting about this not uncommon story is the discussion about it. Readers want to know how the data got out of date and one offers GIS experitse! 

- Marshall Democrat-News

King County, Washington's Local Hazardous Waste Management Program released an interactive map that shows users where to find pesticide-free or pesticide-reduced places for kids and pets to play in the area. There are about 800 of them. Tech: ArcGIS Online.

- B-Town Blog

AN electronic food safety map produced by Shanghai's quality watchdog went online yesterday, providing a way for people to easily check whether local food producers have obtained licenses.

The map at http://t.cn/zWujfsQ lists a total of 1,833 food producers in the city that have acquired production licenses. People can find their addresses, the locations of their factories, their products, license numbers and when the licenses will expire. 

- East Day

Published Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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