Why is it so Hard to Sell Geospatial Technology to the Enterprise?

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Senior executives from leading technology companies, speaking at our Location Intelligence Conference last week shared that the entire value proposition for spatial enablement is a "push" to the market rather than a "pull" or demand for the technology. Our editors ask: Are we doing an adequate job of selling the technology to more of the people who will eventually implement geospatial tools with other IT solutions? Why is it still so hard? What are we not doing well? Will it take another "Google Earth" to push the technology deeper into corporate computing or a new crop of graduates to be more geospatially enlightened?

Show Notes

No links this week. Coverage of Location Intelligence 2008, including details of Ceri Carlill's talk, will appear at Directions Magazine and All Points Blog throughout the week. The agenda for the conference and other details are available at the conference website.

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