Wikitude Drive - A Viable Baby Step for Augmented Reality

There's been lots of talk about Wikitude Drive (See the video), the augmented reality (AR) application that provides a "looking glass" approach to portable navigation. That is, as you look at the navigation screen, the PND's camera is used to give you a view of the road as well as the navigation information superimposed on it thereby giving the driver a "quasi-head-up" display. The driver still has to get used to looking at the PND and understanding that it's a "live" view of the road as well but it will eliminate some driver distraction issues.

I view this as a positive "baby step" for AR. I like that the camera is integrated with the app. But, while I think AR has lots of promise, I have a big problem with the form factor of PND's being much too small. And yet, I can't see tablet's as the answer either. But perhaps we should leave it to the automobile manufacturer's to come up with something more brilliant. Check out this video by Toyota that is using car windows themselves in AR. I'm holding out for technology that utilzes eye glasses.

Published Monday, July 25th, 2011

Written by Joe Francica

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