Wireless Location Industry Association Schedules First Meetings

By Joseph Schwartz

A new industry association for the fledgling wireless location industry will hold its first meetings here January 30-February 1.A meeting for current members only will be held Tuesday, January 30, followed by a meeting January 31 for current and prospective members.On February 1, WLIA members will meet with members of Congress to discuss pending legislative issues.

The Wireless Location Industry Association (WLIA) was founded in December 2000 by eight companies from the US, Canada, and Europe.The eight charter members include Cell-Loc, SignalSoft, GoAmerica Communications, Cambridge Positioning Systems, Zero Knowledge Systems, Indexonly Technologies, iProx, and ViaVis Mobile Solutions.

"WLIA will interface with government, administrative and regulatory bodies on behalf of the industry and create a forum to develop self-regulating policies, network and share information among members of the industry.It will also provide references and information about the industry to the public and to policy makers, both in the U.S.and internationally," according to association officials. WLIA officials released the following tentative agenda for the two-day event:

Tuesday, January 30: Members-Only Business Meeting

2:00 pm Call to Order, Rob Van Walleghem, Cell-Loc Inc., Chairman, Interim Board of Directors

Tentative Agenda:

  1. Organizational Status of WLIA
  2. Financial Report and Confirmation of Budget
  3. Membership Drive Status and Outlook
  4. Confirmation of Arrangements with Berliner, Candon & Jimison
  5. Confirmation of Arrangements with Clarion Management Resources, Inc.
  6. Initiating Process for Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors
  7. Initial Steps in Establishing Standing Committees: ** Policy Committee ** Public Relations Committee ** Member Services Committee
  8. Discussion of WLIA Web-Site, Newsletter, Policy Alerts, etc.
  9. Discussion of WLIA-IBC Conference, April 25-27
  10. Discussion of Potential Transfer to WLIA from Cell-Loc Inc.of NEAR Magazine
  11. Discussion of WLIA Liaison to ATIS, LIF, et al.on technical issues.
  12. Break-out into separate initial meetings to discuss beginning Committee activities: ** Policy Committee (with John Jimison) ** Public Relations Committee (with Carole Rogin) ** Member Services Committee (with Chris Bailey)
  13. Reconvene to hear initial Committee reports
  14. Next Steps ** Discussion of membership drive imperative (incentives?) ** Meeting at CTIA Show in Las Vegas in March? ** Meeting at WLIA/IBC Conference in Washington in April?
  15. Wrap-up and Conclusion

Wednesday, January 31 Program for Members and Prospective Members.
Non-members will be asked to reimburse costs of $80 per person

8:30 am Continental Breakfast

8:50 am Welcome and Introduction, John Jimison, Executive Director and General Counsel of WLIA

9:00 am Elliott Hamilton, Strategis Group.Mr.Hamilton is the leading analyst of wireless companies and has made special studies of the wireless location industry and the companies that are leaders in that industry.He will share his views on the nature, prospects, and financial outlook of the industry, as well as what he sees as key problems facing it.

10:00 am Paul Najarian and Pete Costello, Intelligent Transportation Society of America.Paul and Pete are the experts at ITS America on the many potential uses of wireless location technology in the emerging high-tech transportation systems, including traffic condition monitoring, traffic control, the new E-511 program, telematics to individual vehicles, and many others.Paul is a columnist in Traffic Technology International and a former President of the Land Mobile Communications Council.Pete focuses on driver information programs.

11:00 am Evan Hendricks, Editor and Publisher, Privacy Times.A widely known expert, writer, and consultant on privacy policy issues, Evan has thought about how the wireless location industry should find the balance between protection of individual privacy and providing consumer benefits through its technology and applications.

12:30 pm Luncheon and Visit with Hon.Orson Swindle, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission.Commissioner Swindle, a Republican rumored to be in line for the Chairmanship of the FTC under the Bush Administration, is keenly interested in wireless privacy issues.He has taken the approach that the industry should be able to self-regulate in a manner protecting both privacy and business interests, minimizing the role for Government regulation.He will tell us how he sees this potentially occurring, and will look forward to hearing our views.

2:30 pm Ed Hall, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions.The former technical director for CTIA for several years, Ed will present an overview of the technical compatibility and interoperational issues facing the wireless location industry, highlighting the challenges he sees emerging and opportunities for the industry to face them.

4:00 pm Hon.Harold W.Furchtgott-Roth, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission.Commissioner Furchtgott-Roth is a Republican member of the FCC with a background in economics and a previous role as the Chief Economist of the Commerce Committee in the House of Representatives.He and his key staff person on wireless telecommunications, Bryan Tramont, will host our group at the FCC, and discuss with us the role they perceive for our industry in telecommunications, and the role they see for FCC regulation in our industry.

6:30 pm Possibility of Group Reception and Dinner (Not Hosted) Thursday, February 1

Members Congressional Visit

9:30 am Members-only discussion of pending Congressional Issues over Lunch

10:00 am Travel to Capitol Hill for meetings with key members of Congress (to be determined

For more information about the Wireless Location Industry Associatin, visit: WLIA

Published Sunday, January 28th, 2001

Written by Joseph Schwartz

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