Women In GIS: Clare Stother

By Directions Staff

Clare Stother
What is your position in your company?

I am a Junior Consultant at InfoTech-Europe.

We have delivered enterprise wide GIS projects across industries as diverse as telecommunications, logistics, retail and insurance as well as local and central government.Through our offices in London and Manchester, we can also provide local project management for our 1200 strong offshore facility in Hyderabad, India.

What does your typical day or week look like?

As I have just joined the company, I don't have a typical day as such.So far a lot of my time has been spent training people on both Infotech-Europe's public GIS course and a specialist crime mapping analysis course for police forces.Obviously time is required out of the training room to prepare materials etc.In the future, I will become more involved in the consultancy side of the company.

What is your background?

First degree was an MA in Geography from St Andrews University. I then taught and trained as an English Language Teacher in Japan before studying GIS at Edinburgh University.I gained my MSc before starting at InfoTech-Europe.

What is the accomplishment of which you are most proud?

Working as a volunteer at a school and orphanage in Madras, India in a gap-year between school and university.This experience broadened my horizons extensively and has influenced my outlook on life including an interest in different cultures and countries.

Before you came to GIS, what did you think your career would be in?

I had no clear idea, possibly teaching or management with an international focus.

Why is GIS an exciting industry in which to participate?

There are a huge number of different applications for the software and as someone who loves maps and geography, this industry provides me with a great way to use my geographical knowledge in a practical way.This industry is global, which provides an exciting work environment to participate in, not least of all at InfoTech-Europe as it is only one part of InfoTech Enterprises which is based in Hyderabad in India as well as having an American office.

What is the most important "next thing" that will happen in GIS?

Having recently joined the GI niche, I would say that the next thing is the realization that GI is useful for many different purposes by non-specialists through the increasingly wide usage of GI on the web.This in turn, will create a focus on the more social GI issues such as data protection, legal issues, and adequate training coming to the foreground.

Would you recommend GIS to other women? How should they start?

Yes, to any individual as it's an interesting market and technology with huge variation in applications and use.As GIS can be applied in a wide variety of fields, the most important thing is to get experience and training in a field you enjoy first and then see how GIS can be applied within that particular area.As a woman I have not come across any difficulties, although the industry is still male dominated.In fact, I see it rather as an opportunity for women to bring their strengths and skills to the industry, which hopefully will bring benefits to all.

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URL: www.infotech-europe.com
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Published Friday, January 26th, 2001

Written by Directions Staff

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