Working with ArcGIS Online Tech Workshop at #EsriUC


Working with ArcGIS Online

Deane Kensock, Bernie Szukalski


ArcGIS Online fully integrated into ArcGIS complete system.


Leverage AGOL in three ways:

  • via Online
  • via ArcGIS Portal (you host it internally - defense/intel - where you need to be self contained
  • via Organizational Subscription (extra functionality includes manage accounts, veneer, etc.)

ArcGIS Online Content (three flavors)


(1) Esri Maps - world imagery (world is 1/2 of requests), street maps (world street maps are second most requested), topographic (most detailed of community maps), thematic (demographic, US Fed sources, World Bank), ocean basemap (to be expanded as community map), raw data (Landsat, near real time for disasters)


Imagery is updated every 6 months, sometimes more often.

You can get all the data on a data appliance for in house use. Esri uses ArcGIS Server connected to such appliances to power ArcGIS Online. There’s some Akamai acceleration tools in there, as well. 


(2) Community Maps

(3) Users Maps


ArcGIS Online Task Services

  • Geocoding - nationwide for US, Canada, Europe and more, now includes single line geocoding (full address on one line can be parsed)
  • Routing - US and Europe, simple and complex
  • Geometry service - projecting, buffering, calculate size, etc.

Working with ArcGIS Online (Now)



  • can control over groups you create
  • can add content to it (via share after you’ve found the content)
  • can limit (or not) who is in the group MapViewer (JavaScript)

  • build a map by selecting a basemap (via search)
  • add data layers
  • adjust transparency
  • map sandwich (put labels on top of all graphics)
  • add real time data (like weather)
  • add demographic data (with popup, with charts with their own popups - the popups are configurable)
  • saved map remembers which services/spreadsheets are its sources (like an ArcView project)
  • can share it via social media, embed it or make it into a Web application (via a template) with one click
  • such apps can have “hotlinks” to images, can draw on them, etc.
  • can make a presentation in Explorer Online
  • support KMLs and shape files (shape files not yet in MapViewer but soon)

ArcGIS Explorer Online (SilverLight)

  • all of viewer functions plus
  • has dashboard tools
  • can author presentations (those can be played in Viewer, including on an iPad)
  • queries
  • its role will grow to be an “ArcView-like” online viewer
  • latest features 

Road Ahead


Content - more and better content including: 

  • reference maps (NatGeo basemap coming Sept 2011)
  • background maps (“canvas maps”)
  • top maps (to go over the background maps)
  • world imagery (higher res from commercial and public sources in next 6-8months in a few phases)


  • ArcGIS 10 geocoders/locators (REST API)
  • Routing services - coverage for South America, Australia and /New Zealand
  • Drivetime Service (by subscription)

ArcGIS Online for Organizations

  • Look and feel - branding, galleries
  • Host your own data - publish your data as a map service or feature service, manage account, user roles, groups, sharing

Hosted Map Service (part of organizational account) can be accessed via:

  • from ArcGIS Online
  • from browser (CSV, GPX. shapefiles)
  • from ArcGIS for Desktop

Q & A

  • 1 gig limit on map uploads now - but more with organization account
  • data appliances are updated by Esri sending you new drives

Published Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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