YFind Acquired by Ruckus Wireless

In yet another indication of how indoor positioning is the next frontier for location-based technology, The Next Web reports that Ruckus Wireless has acuired YFind. This past May, YFind launched its RetailHQ, a shopper analytics dashboard that reports on the location of shoppers inside stores with high positional accuracy. According to YFind, "retailers can generate quantifiable, traffic-based ROI for advertising and promotional campaigns, with technology that accurately measures the effectiveness of marketing programs based onreal footfall data."

Now, Ruckus Wireless, a company which supplies mobile internet infrastructure based in Sunnyvale, California, say that it "intends to enable new location-based services by combining its unique, Smart Wi-Fi technology with YFind’s range of location based services and analytical capabilities, transforming Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi networks into location-intelligent infrastructures," according to a brief press release.

Published Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Written by Joe Francica

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