Your Help Needed: Map Sandy Debris and Shelter Updates

The headline is copied from the Huffington Post, which is soliciting input on an Ushahidi (CrowdMap) map. I appreciate that text above the map explains:

To submit a formal service request to your local government, use 311. For emergency assistance, call 911.

But the text of article notes:

We have added both debris and shelter categories to our Ushahidi map, and you can add your reports and make sure government agencies see the areas that need immediate attention.

My questions/observations:

What governemnt agencies are monitoring this map? What HuffPo staff? Anyone?

What does immediate attention mean? Should those request not go to local 311? Or 911?

The map by default runs from Nova Scotia to Tennessee. A comment requests DC reports be documented on a different crisis map. Confusing!

The "about" tab says "We are" monitoring Sandy along with HuffPo readers. If I use the Contact Us, who am I contacting?

There are 81 reports since 10/28.

Is this helpful?

Reminder to HuffPo: you own MapQuest.

- HuffPo

Published Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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