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Added: March 9th, 2013 Total Downloads: 999
CodeTopo is a software that allows to automatically draw maps from list of cartesian coordinates. Drawings are constituted by vector objects and are saved in a PDF file. The graphics can be...

TatukGIS Free Viewer

Added: July 19th, 2012 Total Downloads: 2564
Widely appreciated as the world’s best free desktop GIS Viewer, this application natively opens (without any import procedure) just about any GIS vector, image, or geodatabase data type ranging...

SpacEyes3D Viewer

Added: November 4th, 2009 Total Downloads: 325
SpacEyes3D Viewer is a free software dedicated to the interactive visualization of 3D models created with SpacEyes3D Builder. SpacEyes3D Viewer provides advanced features extracted from SpacEyes3D...

AvisMap Free Viewer

Added: September 20th, 2009 Total Downloads: 306
Free GIS viewer that supports shape files, and most GIS file formats. AvisMap Viewer is a new tool for data browse in AvisMap GIS, which is used for browsing map data produced by different kinds...

SpacEyes3D Viewer

Added: January 19th, 2006 Total Downloads: 978
Simple to use, it allows you to display in 3D quickly you own data without pre-processing step. Most image and DTM formats are accepted (Tiff, ECW, Bil, etc.) and the software is optimised to read...

GpsXtended Viewer

Added: December 14th, 2005 Total Downloads: 758
GpsXtended Xtends the power of GPS. GpsXtended is an easy to use Pocket PC application for field survey and navigation. Record, survey and navigate. View USGS topographic maps, urban area and...

Spatial Console

Added: August 30th, 2005 Total Downloads: 961
Spatial Console is the ultimate tool for controlling spatial data in an Oracle environment. The product enables users to import shapefiles into Oracle Spatial or Locator with control over metadata,...


Added: June 15th, 2004 Total Downloads: 1327
Simple mbx to generate a series of images based on a mig and a user selected ground track. Limited to 50 images in the prototype. Along track rotation not applied. Image count, track direction and...

GeoVisor 2004

Added: May 27th, 2004 Total Downloads: 1807
GeoVisor is a powerful GIS that supports most common GIS and CAD formats (.shp, .dwg, .dgn, .dxf, ArcInfo coverages, ArcView projects, etc.) and raster formats (.jpg, .ecw, .bmp, Sun Raster, .tiff,...

AccuGlobe 2004

Added: November 27th, 2003 Total Downloads: 2203
AccuGlobe 2004 contains many robust GIS features typically found in higher end products, such as feature editing, charts, smart labeling, web updates and creating project files. The primary purpose...

iSMART Explorer

Added: October 7th, 2003 Total Downloads: 1650
iSMART Explorer is a Free-Of-Charge lightweight, high-performance utility to view Oracle Spatial and GML data from your MS Windows desktop. This micro-GIS client features: * Easy pan and zoom using...

Christine GIS system

Added: June 5th, 2003 Total Downloads: 1926
free GIS software allows you working with spatial and tabular data...

Geoclip builder : tool for publishing MI maps on the web

Added: October 29th, 2002 Total Downloads: 2137
The builder creates a fully independent geostatistic application that can be placed on a website or copied to a CD-ROM. The Mapbasic program generates the html start-up page and groups the geographic...

Added: January 22nd, 2002 Total Downloads: 2437
Free Java application to publish vector and raster maps on Web. Live Maps demoes.

Added: November 3rd, 2000 Total Downloads: 1518
RTSe MetaScan is a free extension from RTSe USA, Inc. ( that allows you to view data and metadata together in ESRI's ArcView application. MetaScan does not create metadata records....

Added: October 31st, 2000 Total Downloads: 2026
Program is made for shapefile (format ESRI - ArcView). You can change the following properties for polygonal,line,point and text graphics(foreground fill and color,outLine,thickness, text, font,...


Added: December 10th, 1999 Total Downloads: 2490
Super Workspace 1.1 allows Mapinfo Workspaces to be saved and moved to another computer running Mapinfo and opened on that computer. Works well on a NT network as long as you copy the Superwork...


Added: October 20th, 1999 Total Downloads: 2127
MapSheets Express is the FREE viewing and mapping tool from ERDAS, for working with imagery and vector map data. - Bring in data from ERDAS IMAGINE, ESRI's ArcView and Arc/Info, TIFF and JPEG,...

Added: October 19th, 1999 Total Downloads: 1690
inovaGIS Windows Manager (beta)! Displays IDRISI IMG and VEC files directly from Windows Explorer. W/ source code in Delphi 4. It needs the free inovaGIS automation objects (available at...

Added: February 8th, 1997 Total Downloads: 2097
View a USGS Digital Orthophoto Quad (DOQ) without having to register it. Loads into Lat/Long or Universal Transverse Mercator projection. For information about DOQs see:...

Added: March 26th, 1996 Total Downloads: 2078
This utility is designed to facilitate reading or browsing MAPINFO-L digest files.

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In the mid-1990s, geospatial technology developers, solution providers and vendors came together in India to provide a much needed impetus to the geospatial industry. But a similar initiative for topographical surveying and mapping is needed. Surveying and mapping forms the basis of all geospatial analysis and it is important to convene a forum on the most current tools and technology. This article provides information on the history of surveying in India...

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