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Layout Tools v0.4

Quick Specs

  • Supporting GIS: Maptitude
  • Date Added: September 3rd, 2008
  • Modified: September 3rd, 2008
  • File size: 87.45KB
  • Total Downloads: 321
  • Download

Layout Tools contains three items useful for producing nice layouts: 1) A set of four buttons that automatically move your legend to the corresponding corner of the (largest) map on the layout. 2) A button to place the layout's full pathname below the bottom of the map. The questions of how much below and whether it is flush right or flush left with the map can be set in the administrative settings-- as is the color of the text. The font and size of the text are elicited via a standard Windows dialog. 3) A button to place an image (presumably a company logo) below the bottom of the map. The questions of how much below and whether it is flush right or flush left with the map are determined in the administrative settings. The size of the image is elicited from the user via a Dbox (presumably one will want different sized logos for different sized/shaped layouts).

Author's Information

Moshe Haspel
Emory University

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