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Directions Magazine is a news and information source. We publish articles, breaking news items and podcasts on the topics related to geospatial technology, location analytics and mobile location-based services.

Our publications cover the wide-ranging use of professional and consumer technologies, with an eye to the latest trends.

As a news organization, we focus on the timely issues that impact both professional users of geospatial technology and those who use it to enhance their daily activities and personal lives.
We cover location technology used in:
  • Big Data 
  • Business Intelligence and Location Analytics
  • Business Information Models (BIM)
  • Cloud Computing and SaaS
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Defense, Homeland and National Security
  • Education
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)
  • Government Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Indoor Positioning and Navigation
  • Location Intelligence
  • Mobile Location Services
  • Location-based Marketing and Advertising
  • Open Source Geospatial Software
  • Public Safety & Emergency Management
  • Remote Sensing & Image Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Tracking and Asset Management
  • Utility infrastructure (gas/water/electric)
  • Visualization
And for more topics, please see our Channels that list archived articles, blogs, events, podcasts, press releases and videos in specific topic areas.

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