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Thursday | February 10th, 2011 >>

Original Directions Content
Location, Location, Loc8!

Author Gary Delaney has been focused on the problem of addresses in Ireland for some time (2008 article). Old-fashioned and rustic addresses like: “The Village Inn, Partry, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland” are still being used in many parts of the country. These require local knowledge and slow up courier companies and emergency services. In this article, he introduces the Loc8 Codes system, which was officially launched last summer.


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Update 4 : IssueMap is Out  

Local GIS Tidbits  

Health GIS Tidbits  

Ignite Spatial Boston Announced; NEURISA is Coordinating Sponsor  

NGA Looking for Linux Options  

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Posted on the Remote Sensing Channel
"Cairo. Exaggerating Numbers Which Count" - Sky News Blog

A new UCLA project (HyperCities Egypt) "streams Twitter updates from Egypt unrest on digital map of Cairo." Used with permission. Via the UCLA Newsroom. Click for larger image.

HyperCities Egypt

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When is a Map Not a Map?

"I did a quick little study back in 2007 where I asked my wife and kids (kids then 7 and 10 yrs old) to draw a map of how to get to Grandma's house (our house in Kansas City Area to their house in St. Louis area). ..."
- Eric Foster

"... Given the current state of technology, and the 405's size and cost, I think it will be a while before a '405-class' device has basic gps-with-basemap capabilities."
- K_zinti

"Without a map or gps we're often lost; we may want a map or air photo in our gps though, a bird's eye view, why not! ..."
- Ken

"When is a map not a map? I've often thought about this when looking at my husband's sports Garmin."
- Amanda L. Ault

"I thought it was funny you thought the "map" had "no context", but the other runners understood the map. Which means the map had no context FOR YOU. ..."
- John

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DeLorme World Base Map Now Downloadable for Use with the Company’s Software and Handheld GPS - Tuesday

2011 Esri Developer Summit-The Conference by Developers for Developers - Tuesday

Spatial Business Systems Releases Next Generation Smallworld-to-ESRI Integration Solution - Tuesday

DGT Survey Group announces the opening of its North Shore office in Newburyport, Massachusetts. - Tuesday

Esri ELA Helps the European Environment Agency Support Decision Making - Tuesday

Thetrainline Punches Ticket with Digital Element’s Geolocation Solution - Tuesday

POWER Engineers Implements Cityworks for Inspections and Facilities Management at Vista, CA - Tuesday

WebTech Wireless’ NextBus Real-Time Passenger Information System Purchased by Harrisonburg, Virginia - Tuesday

FCC and FortiusOne Increase Access to Public Data With IssueMap - Tuesday

ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference Preliminary Program Available Online - Tuesday

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