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Wednesday, November 19th 2008
by Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks Meetup Group

Geogad Mobile Tours change your MP3 player into your personal mobile tour guide with voice narration and pictures. It is your personal tour guide to the most interesting places in the world. Geogad Mobile Tours include spoken directions and maps. Finding the next tour location is as easy as glancing at the screen of your mobile device and listening to the spoken directions. The presenter is Georgi Dagnall of Geogad, and the podcast was recorded at at Google headquarters during a meeting of the Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks Group.

Tuesday, November 18th 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

GIS Day provides a chance for geospatial practitioners to tell the world about what they do and why it matters. Our editors share the key themes they'd want to get across to the public on this special day.

Monday, November 10th 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

Players in the geospatial arena are offering groupings of products referred to as platforms or portfolios to address enterprise needs. Bentley this week announced its V8i portfolio. A few weeks ago Microsoft rolled out its Single View Platform. Are these launches just marketing efforts or is there more?

Tuesday, November 4th 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

Ten years ago this week Directions Magazine launched. The names in the news included Microsoft, MapInfo, Seagate, Mapquest and Broward County, Florida. Join our editors for a look back at that week's news to see some of the changes in our industry and community in the last decade.

Monday, November 3rd 2008
by Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks Meetup Group

What do you want to do with your iPhone? Well if it's "social photogeotagging," then Earthscape has the answer. But that's not the only thing that Tom Churchill is finding out about the application he's built. He first thought about building a "nav system" but then he wanted a nav system that made driving across Kansas interesting! Plus, Churchill believes that "crowd-sourced" information is becoming more than a trend and even he's not sure just where his user's will take him. But Earthscape is making it easy to point, shoot, geotag, and upload all in one push of the iPhone button.

Tuesday, October 28th 2008
by Directions Staff

Brig. Gen. (ret.) Jim Clapper, former director of the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA) and now the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) gave a press briefing at the GEOINT conference in Nashville, Tennessee on October 28, 2008. He elaborated on the situation with BASIC, the challenge of hiring qualified professionals, and his recommendations to the next U.S. president.

Tuesday, October 28th 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

deCarta announced its connected navigation platform last week. At the same time the expectations for portable navigation devices is looking dim as for-fee smartphone solutions for navigation appear to grow. What is the future for these devices and what about the connected car of the future? Our editors look at what the experts say and share their own predictions.

Tuesday, October 21st 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

There's no question there's currently an abundance of location information out in the world. How do we "protect ourselves" from that very information and those technologies? How much can we rely on automated systems to protect us from the dangers? How much must we do on our own? What types of protection do we not have that should be invented?

Tuesday, October 14th 2008
by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg

The announcement of a geolocation add-on for Mozilla's Firefox last week prompted lots of discussion around its role in the browser, its support of standards, and its use of Skyhook's wi-fi solution for location determination. Our editors peel back the layers to take on these and other issues including, does such a broker belong in the browser?

Wednesday, October 8th 2008
by Joe Francica

This podcast introduces NAVTEQ's Mapping and Positioning Engine or MPE. The MPE, a subset of the NAVTEQ database that is coupled with a microprocessor assembly, including a GPS chipset, was designed to support a variety of applications that assist the driver of a car or other vehicle to, for example, reduce gas consumption. It is more or less an alternative to a navigation system that is cost effective enough to go into most all vehicles regardless of price. According to Bob Denaro, NAVTEQ's vice president of advanced driver assistance systems, it's "a heartbeat in the car."

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