4MAPS Contributes to City of Mill Valley Winning APA Award

Today, the City of Mill Valley recognized the contribution made by the Mill Valley Affordable Housing Committee to the Mill Valley 2040 Housing Element. BSI was MVAHC’s pro bono GIS Consultant. The MV Housing Element just won a 2014 APA Merit Award, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdictions, Originality and Innovation. 4MAPS is the parcel-level GIS protocol referred to in this excerpt from the APA Award Application.        

“The Housing Element also took a different approach in addressing and accommodating housing numbers. Instead of selecting sites, a "capacity analysis" was conducted for the entire City. Through Geographic Information Software the city was able to identify ALL parcels that met specific criteria, rather than pin pointing or calling out specific large vacant parcels in the City. This approach helped illustrate that potential redevelopment could occur within existing, allowable zoning and development guidelines.”

A tactical benefit or 4MAPS is directing the private and NGO housing sectors where to develop for the greatest Climate Change Reversal effect, hence the greatest advocacy by the City. A systemic benefit of 4MAPS is getting the City out of the sites business (inciting public opposition) and into the Sustainable Communities policy support business (encouraging public collaboration).


Published Friday, May 23rd, 2014

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