Acxiom® Introduces New Web-Based Analytical and Mapping Tools

LITTLE ROCK,AK--Acxiom® Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM) today announced the latest innovation in the Personicx® family of household-level segmentation tools: Personicx MarketScape-XTM, a web-based mapping and segmentation analysis tool.

Personicx MarketScape-X is designed to give clients quick and easy access to meaningful, actionable marketing information, along with reporting and segmentation tools to power their customer and market analysis. It places at their fingertips a library of information including consumer surveys outlining behaviors and attitudes, location characteristics for all domestic markets, and the client’s own Personicx-coded customers or prospects. Personicx is a household-level segmentation system that places U.S. households into one of 70 distinctive segments and 21 life-stage groups based upon specific consumer behavior and demographic characteristics.

“With Personicx MarketScape-X our clients have real-time access to a platform that brings together their Personicx-coded data with a wealth of useful, actionable marketing data and answers their analysis needs through a comprehensive set of online tools and reports,” said Louis Rolleigh, Acxiom’s Consumer Segmentation and Analysis Product Leader. “Personicx is the most accurate household segmentation data in the world, and now with Personicx MarketScape-X it is easier than ever for companies to understand who their customers are, what type of products they use, their purchasing behaviors and channel and media preferences.”

Personicx MarketScape-X includes the ability to create custom target groups based on Personicx-coded customer or third-party survey data. In addition, its easy-to-use, powerful report generator allows businesses to share critical marketing data with all stakeholders across an enterprise, giving businesses a consistent framework from which to view the consumer landscape.

Using Personicx MarketScape-X improves the speed, ease-of-use and accuracy of many marketing applications, such as planning and analysis, customer acquisition, up-selling and cross-selling. Other benefits include:

  • Fast answers to marketing questions — Personicx MarketScape-X is designed to provide easy-to-understand reports, charts and maps that help answer the various marketing questions companies face every day. Simplicity at its best, the Personicx MarketScape-X wizard-like interface guides users through the system, saving them the trouble of figuring out all the features and functionality. With a few clicks of the mouse, a user can start analyzing Personicx-coded files and generate the required outputs of choice.
  • Flexible output — Reports are provided in standard formats including Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF, making it easy to integrate analyses into everyday applications and discussions.
  • Web-based functionality — Since Personicx MarketScape-X is 100 percent web-based, all authorized users have continuous access to the application. Users do not have to manage software upgrade issues because there is no client or server software to install.
  • Seamless connection to consumer survey data — With information from national consumer surveys Personicx MarketScape-X provides access to Personicx Portraits across a broad array of consumer purchasing, media behaviors, attitudes and opinions.
  • Visualize the market — With Personicx MarketScape-X interactive and thematic mapping users can easily generate marketing insights on a market-by-market basis. A comprehensive library of location characteristics (traffic, consumer expenditures, population demographics, and more) helps users get an in-depth view of specific markets, and those area-level characteristics can be compared with Personicx cluster attributes at selected geographic levels for a clear and consistent view of the market.
  • With Personicx MarketScape-X, users can connect and analyze the relationship of their customers to thousands of available MRI and Scarborough Research survey portraits.

“Personicx MarketScape-X gives businesses hands-on access to tools that generate immediate, precise and actionable results,” said Rolleigh. “We’re excited about this new solution and the significant value it will bring to our clients around the globe.”

Rolleigh added that Personicx MarketScape-X was developed in conjunction with ESRI and SRC, LLC, which have a history of developing sophisticated analytical and mapping software.

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Published Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

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