Automated data integration contributes to $5 billion saving for US Census

Conducted every ten years, as required by the Constitution, the US Census is the largest civilian activity in America. The project, which counts and profiles a population of over 318 million and involves checking 135 million addresses, is used to correctly apportion political representation within the House of Representatives. As well as its political importance, the census is the basis for allocating federal funds worth $400 billion each year.

For the 2010 census, the bureau hired 140,000 individuals to walk or drive every street in the country and validate the bureau’s address records.

Together, 1Spatial and the geography division designed an automatic data conflation process to manage the acceptance and integration of data submissions from the bureau’s 3,200 partners.

Key benefits

    • Enables more accurate, more current database
    • Reduces manual field canvassing to 25% of previous figure
    • Contributes to total projected saving of $5 billion

Watch the video or read the full case study to find out more:

Published Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

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