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AVLView Now Providing GPS Vehicle Tracking For Service Providers

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Friday, December 6th 2013
| 10 UBI Crescent Lobby B--- 07-31AUBI Techpark Singapore 408 564

AVLView is a company which provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking. It does this through providing a software called Fleet Automation which is calibrated with a range of GPS devices. The company recently announced its newest GPS Vehicle Tracking for Service Providers.

The service providers covered by the new service include Logistics and Courier Services, Rent-A-Car Services, Educational Institutions and Emergency Services. Other services include construction, restaurants and catering services; and product distribution services.

The GPS Vehicle tracking contains a number of features which are designed to meet the specific needs of the different service providers. One such a feature is real-time monitoring. Through this feature, a vehicle beams its location information every 5 to 10 seconds. The location information can be viewed through a Google Map which shows exactly where the vehicle is. It can also be got via text message. Therefore, at any one time, it is possible to know exactly where the vehicle is.

Another key feature is two-way communication. This means there is contact between the vehicle and the dispatcher at all times. This is useful for courier, logistics of rent-a-car services because the dispatcher can instruct a vehicle which is nearest to a given location to pick up a package or passenger. This makes the service more efficient and thus more profitable.

There is also a feature called most feasible route. This feature enables a driver to select the most convenient route from one point to another by avoiding traffic jams, delays or unwanted stops. This not only saves on company time and fuel; it can also be used by emergency services such as ambulances to save lives.

Another feature is remote vehicle monitoring. Through this feature, it is possible to monitor different aspects of the vehicle such as fuel consumption, engine activity, driving speed and vehicle temperature. This not only makes it possible to stay up-to-date with a vehicle’s mechanical condition, but it also makes it possible to monitor driving habits. The temperature feature can be used by catering and food delivery services to ensure that the food that is delivered is hot enough to satisfy a client’s needs.

All the features are availed though an interface which is simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use. The Fleet Automation is created in such a way that new user can master it in a relatively short time. Whoever wants to get a look at how the software works can do so by visiting AVLView’s official website The can be viewed at not cost.

The service is perfect for a service provider with any number of vehicles. This can range from 3 vehicles to 500 vehicles or more. AVLView provides a number of packages to suit both the number of vehicles and the budget of a given service provider. Therefore, irrespective of a service provider’s specific needs, they can find the perfect vehicle tracking package.

When all is said and done, managing any fleet of vehicles can easily become a nightmare. And yet for many service providers, proper management enables them to maximize vehicle usage, minimize cost and deliver a better service to their customers. AVLView’s GPS Vehicle Tracking system empowers service providers to reap the benefits of efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective vehicle management.

Details of the Vehicle Tracking System can be got at AVLView’s official website

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