Bogh Engineering Uses 3DR Site Scan to Make Surveying Workflow 4X More Productive

Berkeley, CA, April 7th, 2017 –– 3DR, makers of Site Scan, the leading drone data platform for engineering and construction, today announced the results of their partnership with Bogh Engineering, a 3rd generation family owned firm in Beaumont, California. Bogh Engineering used Site Scan while re-building Indio High School, in Indio, CA, and managed to make their surveying and cut-and-fill workflow 4 times more productive than it was in the past.  

Bogh’s core capability is pouring concrete and getting a site ready for concrete construction: surveying, demolition, and site grading. Before they started work on the Indio project, they did a topographic survey and a cut-and-fill analysis to estimate how much dirt needed to be moved. This usually takes 2 days on site, measuring 324 points in total, which also includes post-processing the data in Civil 3D. Bogh replaced this process with Site Scan, and now fly drones on-site instead.  

Now, flying the site and collecting all necessary data only takes 30 minutes. During 2 flights, Bogh collected 410 images, and spent just 3 hours processing the image into an orthomosaic and point cloud. In total, it now takes Bogh just half a day to get the data needed for a cut-and-fill analysis and comparison, compared to the 2 days it usually took.   Damian Garcia of Bogh Engineering: “Data processed with Site Scan is also much more granular. The 3D point cloud of Indio High School had 3 million points and allows for much more accurate cut-and-fill analyses.”   Bogh is now using Site Scan to survey all 14 of their active job sites, saving significant time across the organization.   ###  

About 3DR 3DR makes drone technology easily accessible to the construction industry for use in data analysis, 3D modeling and more. 3DR's flagship product, Site Scan, is a complete drone-to app-to cloud system that makes it safer and easier than ever for enterprise and commercial users to collect and process aerial data, perform inspections and improve business operations. For more information on 3DR, please visit

Published Monday, April 10th, 2017

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