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Need a cloud computing consulting company and have no idea what is going on out there or fear to interact being an amateur in Cloud stuff? Well we would love to have a listen, so contact us now for consulting services. When it comes to moving your company to cloud, there are numerous options and each of them seems better than the other. So how to decide which cloud would suit best it’s a complete unstructured decisions and only cloud computing consulting pros, who can help you out reaching to a decision that you won’t ever regret, formally known as Cloud Computing Consulting Company. We have conducted a short study on the cloud providing & management software platforms, the below names are listed as per rating and popularity from highest to low and with a really simplified intro about what they provide so that you get a slight idea about what is needed and what can help you. So the top 5 cloud infrastructure and management providers according to Select Hub (helps choosing the best software for your company) are listed below:

Top 5 Management Platforms any Cloud Computing Consulting Company would recommend at first:

1. BMC Cloud Life Cycle Management (CLM)

BMC CLM provides businesses with private and hybrid cloud and authorize IT as it ought to have, fulfilling the high cloud expectations its management software deals with your cloud intelligently making it adaptable and controlled. BMC let’s you achieve the promise made by cloud of agility, cost and time saving, better performance and efficiency compelling you forget the concept of static infrastructure for your company. Benefits – Gives a service catalog and self-service portal from which cloud services are easily configurable – Along with individual VMs, fully configured services are also provided – Facilitates a rigid, proficient control for the administrations. – Policy-driven placement and intelligent optimization is allowed. – A resourceful support for physical and virtual, public and private cloud is offered.

2. v Realize Suite by V Mware, Inc.

Purposely built for hybrid cloud vRealize Suite is a cloud management software providing a complete management stack for external clouds, physical infrastructures and other hypervisors. vRealize is a universal management platform for corporation. Benefits – Automated Delivery Automated provision and delivery of cloud services, infrastructure, applications and custom IT services across multiple hypervisors is made possible and all of this via self-service portal and catalog. – Intelligent Procedures Uses predictive analytics and an integrated approach and manages infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. – Business driven Improves over all decision-making (around infrastructure and application service cost and quality), aligns IT spending with business priorities and accelerates transformation of IT. – Cohesive Management A single platform to management for every environment that be physical, virtual and cloud environments, a unified management for your organization.

3. Cloud Forms by Redhat, Inc.

Cloud Forms let you have control over your cloud either private or hybrid with the complete provisioning of building and managing it. Red Hat® Cloud Forms believes in evolving as your needs change and protects your investment by keeping the promise of offering a continuum of possibilities as you progress towards IaaS Infrastructure. Benefits Provides unified and consistent services and this way gives flexibility of consumption including the following: A public Cloud direct from Amazon A complete cloud environment from OpenStack Virtual platform from Red Hat itself, Miscrosoft and VMware

4. IBM Cloud Management Suite for System z

With the provision of performance management enhanced tools IBM Cloud Management Suite for System z V1.1 reduces risks to Cloud, and backup, restore and manage regarding workload storage. Benefits – Fully automated and accelerated self delivery model – Speedy delivery of cloud services – Sophisticated yet easily intractable orchestration engine – Progressive incremental backup attainment – Improved storage management – No redundant files – Deployment storage location and media identification – Retention policies definition

5. HP Cloud Service Automation

HP Cloud Service Automation is a management platform that is considered to be the best platform when it comes to brokering and enterprise grade management application and infrastructure. Providing a self-service portal and management platform for multiple cloud environments, HP CSA comes with following benefits. Benefits Service deployment time reduces from months to minutes. Server utilization is increased up to 80%, and reduces TCO by 30% Broker and administer infrastructure services and custom applications Removes environment’s vulnerability with multi-tenancy and role-based usage Manage cloud environments from public, private to hybrid, all with same proficiency and enhanced tooling You know your Company and we know Cloud! So let’s communicate and find out the best Cloud Solution for you! presented By Tetranoodle

Published Friday, November 4th, 2016

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